CRM solution for your company

Vistos CRM is a modern application for effective customer relationship management. It uses the latest technologies to achieve transparent and quality work with data and processes that are generated by business activities.


The system includes classic CRM features and is complemented by other practical modules, such as invoicing, synchronization with MS Outlook, synchronization with the telephone exchange, job timesheets and many others. Thanks to this extra functions, Vistos CRM represents a product that can nowadays compete with multinational companies in the field of CRM, such as Salesforce etc.

Industry solution for your focus

Vistos CRM is a comprehensive business and marketing module for managing and planning business and financial processes. Modules and reports perfectly comply with both, retail and wholesale.

We especially cared about the marketing processes and the efficient work of traders, including their planning and evaluation for the calculation of bonuses.

Project management includes a sophisticated tool for recording and managing your projects. It helps you to easily increase the efficiency of your planning. You can get a perfect overview of project profitability through detailed cost and revenue records for individual tasks and projects. It is possible to record timesheets above the tasks with the possibility of overturning into invoicing.

HelpDesk is a comprehensive module for customers or business interior solution of requests wishes or complains. You can receive requests by e-mail, SMS, web portal or manually. Helpdesk controls the opportune resolution of received request and also informs the customer on time. At the same time, it also builds a knowledge base for faster queries.

Do you want to process a project solution in the application? You can manage everything easily in Vistos CRM. Application Vistos CRM enables you to process everything under one platform, custom sheets, projects, assignments, appointments, notes, timesheets and groups and also plan capacities. Allow your colleagues, work teams, and, employees to get quick access to the information they need.

The call center provides Vistos CRM connectivity to a virtual PBX. When answering a call, the caller automatically identifies the caller with a transparent Contact database. Sequential dialing of calls from a pre-arranged line is also granted. You can also record or archive calls with Vistos CRM.

Systems that we can connect to

Over the past decade, Vistos CRM has been linked to a variety of external programs. We’re still working on connection with the new ones.